Avoid These Foods After Teeth Whitening

If you’ve been battling dark tooth stains or a recent injury has left your teeth looking a bit worse for wear, one of our advanced solutions for teeth whitening may be for you. This innovative and simple treatment uses a UV-activated bleaching agent on your teeth. After the treatment, your teeth will have a bright white shine that will boost your confidence. Below we recommend you avoid these foods after teeth whitening.

Most people can keep their teeth white with a simple routine and dedication to oral health. It is also important to avoid eating or drinking certain substances that could cause your teeth to stain all over again. Today, your dentist in Mission Viejo will tell you to avoid these foods after teeth whitening.

Avoid These Foods After Teeth Whitening

Why Whiten Your Teeth?

Surface-level dental problems can always e solved quickly and at a low cost. Cosmetic dentistry is a great solution for minor problems like cracks, stains, and discoloration. Teeth whitening can be done quickly and painlessly.

There are many foods and beverages that can discolor your teeth. The discoloration of stained teeth is often gray or yellow, making your teeth look unhealthy. If you don’t seek treatment, it will worsen over time and actually cause a real health issue. Treat stained teeth with a painless whitening procedure, which will not only improve your appearance but bolster your health.

Avoid These Foods!

You might be discouraged by your stained teeth. You should be aware of the foods that can cause deep discoloration to your teeth, so you avoid them. A simple in-house whitening procedure will restore the color of your pearly teeth!


Any food or drink with tomato as a base will stain your teeth. It’s because tomatoes have a very acidic nature and a dark red color. The tomatoes will stain anything that they touch, particularly if they are cut or mixed in with other items. Before you plan your next spaghetti dinner, make sure to have a whitening toothpaste on hand.

Fruit Juices

Fruit juices can cause dark stains to develop on teeth, similar to tomato juice. Also, fruit juices are refreshing and can be enjoyed as a breakfast drink. Be careful with darker-colored fruit juices, such as grape or cranberry juice. The pigments can stick to your teeth. Many fruit juices are also high in sugar.

Coffee and Wine

You can’t survive the mornings without a cup of coffee or the evenings without a glass of red wine. You can still enjoy your coffee each day. However, you should be aware that wine, coffee, and tea will stain your teeth. Before you drink another cup of coffee, make sure you understand how to prevent staining and whiten your teeth.

Keep Your Teeth Bright and White for Many Years to Come

With advanced teeth whitening in Mission Viejo, you are signing yourself up for a lifetime of beautiful smiles and stellar oral health. You won’t have to worry about hiding yourself away whenever there are pictures being taken, as you will be the first one to show off your newly-cleaned pearly whites. This in-office procedure is incredibly simple, adding a bleaching agent to your teeth to help you remove extrinsic stains. As long as you keep up with good oral hygiene, you can expect to enjoy your results for many months or even years.

It is important that you avoid certain tooth-staining foods like coffee, wine, tomatoes, fruits, and dark-colored vegetables. While you don’t need to completely stop eating these things, cutting back on them may help you prolong the results of your professional tooth whitening procedure. Learn more by getting in touch with our experts today!