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Dentures Mission Viejo

Are you missing some of your natural teeth or are you on the verge of losing them? Then dentures in Mission Viejo may be the solution you need. At Turquoise Dental in Mission Viejo, our team offers many viable solutions for you. Whether some or all of your natural teeth are missing may be able to restore the functionality of your mouth and the aesthetics of your smile with dentures.

Our main office is conveniently located in Mission Viejo, CA, so you don’t have to go far to meet and work with our professional denture specialists.


Simply put, a denture is a set of synthetic teeth attached to a plastic base that has been made to match your natural teeth and gums.

Not only does it make your smile look better, but dentures also fix the way your mouth functions overall. Dentures also support your cheeks and lips to reduce the sagging of the muscles in your face.


At Turquoise Dental, we offer several types of dentures that might be suitable for you. Even though there are many options, not all patients are good candidates for every type of denture. During your appointment, we will let you know which options may work best for you.

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Immediate dentures are put into place right after all of your remaining teeth have been removed. You do not have to wait for your gums to heal before the immediate dentures are placed. Please note that the dentist may need to make some adjustments once your gums have fully healed.


Partial dentures are also comprised of synthetic teeth attached to a plastic base made to look like your natural teeth and gums. Below the plastic base, they usually have a framework that attaches to your teeth. Unlike complete dentures, partial dentures cannot be placed in a mouth with no teeth.

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Although they are made to be teeth replacements, your dentures are fragile and should be handled very carefully at all times. They can easily break from being dropped an impact of just a few inches.

When they are not in your mouth, handle your dentures over a folded towel or sink of cool water. As a result, we recommend that you never place your dentures in hot water since the heat can warp them.

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To keep your dentures in place and properly supported, you should maintain a healthy mouth. Along with cleaning your mouth daily, a balanced diet can keep your mouth strong. Also, avoid foods that may discolor or damage your dentures.


You should visit the dentist periodically to make sure your dentures and mouth are functioning together correctly. Besides checking the fit of your dentures, the dentist will also look for any signs of oral diseases.

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