Tooth Extraction and Wisdom Teeth Removal

Mission Viejo Tooth Extraction And Wisdom Teeth Removal

If you have a problematic tooth, then Turquoise Dental is here for you with premier wisdom teeth removal in Mission Viejo and tooth extraction. Our experienced oral surgeon is available to provide comfortable, stress-free tooth extraction to keep your smile safe and healthy.

Tooth Extraction Overview
The term tooth extraction is used to describe the process of removal of tooth from its socket in the bone. The tooth may be removed because it is severely decayed, damaged beyond repair, impacted, or as a part of orthodontic treatment.

Signs You Need A Tooth Pulled?

There are several signs that you may need a tooth pulled. If you have tooth pain, especially when chewing, this may be a sign that the tooth needs to be removed. If your tooth is loose, this also could point to significant dental problems that may require pulling a tooth. Overall, watch out for:

  • Severe pain
  • Loose tooth
  • Bleeding
  • Severe decay or damage

Of course, pulling a tooth will always be the last resort, and we will explore alternative treatments before settling on extraction.

Why Have Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Your wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, are the last teeth to develop and appear in your mouth. They usually come in for young adults between the ages of 17 and 21, though this can vary. For some people, these teeth come in fully without any problems and stay that way their entire lives. But for others, they may become impacted, meaning they get stuck beneath the gum line or only partially erupt through the gums. This can cause several symptoms and problems, including:

  • inflammation
  • cysts
  • tumors
  • tooth decay

Wisdom teeth that are impacted or not properly cared for can cause crowding and shifting of your other teeth. They may also be more difficult to clean, which can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. For these reasons, your dentist may recommend having them pulled even before they begin causing trouble and painful symptoms.

What Is A Tooth Extraction Procedure Like?

The tooth extraction procedure itself is usually quick, taking only a few minutes for most teeth. First, we will numb the area around the tooth using a local anesthetic, which is often enough to keep you fully comfortable. Then, using special dental instruments, we will loosen the tooth and gently rock it back and forth until it comes out. In some cases, the tooth may need to be divided into pieces before your surgeon can remove it. Once the tooth is out, we will clean the socket and may place a few stitches to help close the opening.

For wisdom teeth, the procedure is similar, but patients may have general anesthesia to allow for full comfort and a smoother procedure. At Turquoise Dental, we understand that tooth extractions can be scary, but our experienced and gentle dental team will make the entire process as stress-free as possible. Always feel free to ask us any questions or raise any concerns, and we will happily work with you to find a solution.

Is There A Recovery Period?

There is a short recovery period after tooth extraction, as the mouth and gums are generally quite quick when it comes to healing. Still, patients can expect some minor bleeding, swelling, and discomfort, but all of these fade with a few days at most. To help your mouth move along in healing, we recommend that patients:

  • Rest for the remainder of the day
  • Apply ice to the outside of the mouth to reduce swelling
  • Take pain medication as needed
  • Avoid smoking or using straws
  • Eat only soft or puréed foods for the first few days
  • Brush and floss with care and caution around the extraction site(s)

For wisdom tooth extractions, patients may need to take a few days off from work or school to fully recover and allow the swelling to go down. Our team will give you specific instructions on what you need to do to care for your mouth and ensure proper healing and a healthy future for your smile.

Can I Replace A Pulled Tooth?

Yes, you can replace a tooth that has been extracted. However, this is not always necessary. For some patients, their wisdom teeth are the only teeth that need to be extracted. In these cases, there is no need for tooth replacement. For others who have had multiple tooth extractions or had an adult tooth pulled, tooth replacement options may be explored, such as dental bridges, dental implants, or even partial or full dentures. We will go over all your options before your procedure, so you can have a replacement solution for your teeth ready to go.

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