5 Types of Restorative Dental Procedures

People visit their dentists for many reasons; because of that, dentistry can be broken down into different types of services. Cosmetic dentistry helps cover up any aesthetic blemishes and treats surface-level issues. Emergency dentistry is available when you suddenly have an injury that has cracked or broken your tooth. Restorative dentistry exists to repair long-standing dental issues and bring back full functionality to your mouth. Let’s see the top 5 types of restorative dental procedures.

5 Types of Restorative Dental Procedures

Today, your restorative dental care experts in Mission Viejo will list 5 types of restorative dental procedures that you should know about in case you are ever faced with an underlying dental issue. Our goal: to restore your mouth back to good health so you can enjoy life the way you should.


If you have one or more missing teeth in a row, a dental bridge might prove necessary to save the structural integrity of your mouth. Bridges, or fixed bridges, stay supported by your existing teeth. Those teeth act as the bookends or “posts” for the bridge material. The gapped space between your teeth we fill with a composite material that looks and acts just like your real teeth, where it stays cemented in place.


Similar to bridges, dental crowns reinforce a weakened tooth structure and give your mouth the strength it needs to function normally. Crowns are strong caps that are placed directly on top of your tooth, covering the surface of it to protect it against further damage. Crowns are sturdy and long-lasting, and you should be able to chew and eat with them after recovering from the simple procedure.

Dental Fillings

The most popular and well-known type of restorative dentistry procedure, fillings prove necessary whenever a tooth infection starts. Infections due to the spread of bacteria and decay often occur as a result of eating sugary foods without brushing your teeth every day. Infections can spread to form a hole in your tooth, which needs to be scooped out and then filled with a composite filling to prevent decay from spreading there again in the future. This procedure is often an important and necessary part of annual teeth cleaning procedures, as they can save your tooth from more serious damage that would require a root canal.


Traditional dentures we also call false teeth or removable teeth. Because they allow you the ability to eat, chew, speak, and smile normally without having to put your missing or broken teeth on display. Dentures come made to fit into your mouth, giving you structure and strength to prevent your bones from deteriorating. Dentures prove convenient because you can easily remove and clean them at night. This gives you the flexibility of a perfect smile whenever you want one.

Dental Implants

Those who don’t want temporary or removable dentures might opt for dental implant. These remain highly recommended for folks looking to permanently improve functionality in their mouth. Although it requires surgical procedures, dental implants can offer a new lease on life to those with severely damaged or misaligned teeth. Dental implants look, feel, and act just like your real teeth.

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