Get the best special prices on Dental Implants from Dr. Gediz Barnar, the top Cosmetic Dentist in Mission Viejo, Orange County, California. Dr. Barnar has over twenty years of experience using the latest technologies to place long lasting dental implants. Digital x-rays and an intraoral camera guide the procedure while limiting radiation exposure to the patient.


New to Turquoise Dental, but don’t need a dental implant? Start out with a Teeth cleaning including a full checkup with diagnodent & digital x-rays. Diagnodent is a dental technology that is able to detect the beginings of cavities long before traditional methods, meaning less damage to your tooth and a quicker, less invasive solution. Set an appointment for a full cleaning and checkup by clicking here to fill out this form.


*Implant consultation complimentary
Get a titanium implant post abutment and PFM crown for only $3,350 dollars. This offer is for new patients without insurance, 4 or more implants 10% additional off. A titanium dental implant is the safest, strongest, and longest lasting alternative to your natural teeth. Mounted on the dental implant is a PFM crown, a lifelike, durable and esthetic replacement for your natural tooth. If you’ve lost a tooth, a dental implant is the safest, most natural, best replacement available in the world. Get your dental implant and crown done fast, safely, and with the latest technology by Dr. Barnar of Turquoise Dental in Mission Viejo, CA.

Zirconia Implant, Zirconia Crown and Zirconia Abutment for $4,100

*Implant consultation complimentary

Cosmetic Crowns or Veneers for $1,600 (6 or more for 5% off)

***All offers are for first-time new patients without insurance***